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Kiln, Dryer & Kooler Installation

Working hand-in-hand with the top fabricators ISO 9001-2000, ASME Section 8 -Division 1 in the industry our kiln, dryer and cooler shells are rolled to exacting tolerances and thermal stresses. We provide our customers with a large range of kiln dryer and cooler shell fabrication materials to cover a wide variety of specific applications.  Our roller supports are designed  using the latest technology and procedures for forging, shrink-fitting and hardening.

The gears we supply are designed to provide long life and durability and create a smooth transmission of power.

Service Kiln & Cooler Manufacturing

Using the latest most innovative and reliable lifting equipment and kiln shell cutting tools in the industry, World Wide Kiln Service can accomplish kiln shell section replacements in record time.  Gear reversals, gear and tire changes, as well as kiln, dryer and cooler support roller &  thrust roller replacements are accomplished with the minimum downtime thereby saving dollars in both installation costs and lost production time.


Kiln, Dryer & Cooler Installation


Our designers use the latest innovative kiln design tools, including both Auto Cad and Solid Works to interface with our customers engineering departments to provide the right unit for the right application.


Kiln & Cooler Design
Kiln Maintenance & Refurbishing

Tire and trunnion grinding & resurfacing.  World Wide Kiln Service's grinding machines have undergone a complete overhaul to the point that our research and development team has created the newest most unique machines in the industry today.  Our kiln tire and trunnion grinding team will travel to your site and resurface your kiln tires and trunnions to 'like new' surfaces without causing any downtime.  Our new machines use the latest in computer operated technology to provide the highest quality results with no negative impact on your productivity.


For any inquiries, questions, please call: 1-877 321-4553 or fill out the following form


Head Office
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In Canada World Wide Kiln Service 55 Lancing Drive Hamilton Ontario L8W 2Z9


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What is accomplished by tire and trunnion grinding or resurfacing?
As your rotary equipment ages various  wear problems occur.  Noticeable  signs or conditions of wear such as spalling, pitting, cracking, roller over edges or "lips" can appear on the tires or trunnions.  If the wear is allowed to continue these conditions can cause vibration, resulting in alignment problems.  Costly power consumption, shortened bearing life of the rollers occur.  If not corrected the problems can cause premature wear on the rollers bearing failure as well as damage to the tire retaining bars, the bases and drive components.  Our specialized grinding machines can return the surfaces  to "as new" condition often with a minimum removal of surface material.  The grinding crew will then realign your kiln to provide mechanical stability.


Filler Pad Replacement

World Wide Kiln Service performs kiln alignment with the unit shut down and cold.  This enables us to "completely" inspect the kiln without being subjected to the high radian heat in and around the hot zones.  At the same time we check for possible cracks at the filler pads and check for clearance between the tire I.D. and filler pad O.D. on the kiln.  This is a more practical method than calculating tire gap by the "creep" method while the unit is in operation and hot.  Tire and trunnion diameters are easily taken and the trunnion shafts are inspected for abnormalities.  Having the tires and trunnions measured allows World Wide Kiln Service to return the kiln to its original centerlines in both planes of operation.  This greatly reduces the stresses caused by misalignment and the potential for cracks on the kiln shell and refractory failure.
When an alignment is performed while the unit is cold it allows the technicians to report back to the client if there are any tapers - so informed decisions can be made to have the carrying surfaces ground when the kiln starts up.


Our Mission

Maintaining and increasing the efficiency of your rotating equipment and associated systems requires specialized and expert maintenance, care and vigilance.

At World Wide Kiln Service, our expertise with rotating equipment provides our Customer’s with the depth of experience and technical capability that may not be efficient for them to carry within their own maintenance teams. Our specialized major maintenance contracts minimize your effort at keeping your rotating equipment operating at peak efficiency, reliability and productivity.

Our reputation is based on our success at meeting these goals. Our specialized focus on this type of equipment allows us to provide you with superlative, state-of-the-art technology and service, optimizing the profitability of your rotating equipment and associated systems.

Providing our Customers with exceptional service, making sure that their rotating equipment is operating at peak values, is the core focus of our business.



World Wide Kiln Service Inc. founded in 1991 is dedicated to building on the high quality of service we provide to our customers.
World Wide Kiln Service Inc. specializes in Engineering, Design, Installation, and Maintenance of all types of Rotary Equipment:  Rotary Kilns, Trunions, Gears, Pinions, Rotary Dryers, Balling Drums, Debarking Drums, Rotary Coolers and more.
We have answered the needs of rotary equipment users in North America, Mexico, Central America and Africa.   With offices in Canada, USA and the Middle East we are constantly expanding to serve our customers world wide.
Our range of products and services enable us to work on diverse applications of  Rotary Equipment: in the  Cement Industry, Mining Industry, Chemical Plants, Pulp and Paper Industry, Food Industry, and the Pharmaceutical Industry.


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